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Hello, my beautiful people, I hope you are having an amazing week planning for the Christmas season. So a few weeks ago, I was nominated for the Blogger Recognition Award and I was so excited and amazed when I was nominated for the Award. I was so happy because of the affection and bolster that I got from the exquisite Shanice but at the same time shocked in light of the fact that I am still new to this entire blogging thing, so I wasn’t expecting this nomination, however, I am glad I was designated. Thank you so much, Shanice form Faithnturtles, for the nomination and recognition, I really appreciate it. I would like to take this moment to also congratulate Shanice for her nomination as well if there is one person who deserves this, she is the one. Thank you so much again, Shanice, sending sunshine your way. Make sure you check out her beautiful blog and give her a follow, here is one of my favourite post from her blog.

The rules of the award

  1. Thank the Blogger that nominated you.
  2. Write a post to show your award.
  3. Give a short story of how your blog began.
  4. Give two pieces of advice to new bloggers.
  5. Select 15 bloggers, you want to give this honor.
  6. Let every Blogger know that you have nominated them.

How my blog started

Well, this is a fascinating point because I always liked writing since ever I was in high school, but the idea of blogging never crossed my mind. It’s only in 2016 that it popped in my mind for the first time and I gave it a thought (my procrastinating self couldn’t allow me to start it straight after). However, it is just this year that I chose to put myself out there. I was somewhat terrified of what the outside world would think because the internet can be a dangerous place sometimes. For those who know me I am part of the Strathmore University media group which is a club that runs the online magazine of the school. In June, I published an article on mental health and it got so much attention (you can check it out It concerns all of us ) and from that time onwards, I decided to give a try to blogging.  Therefore, I officially started blogging in October and so far, I am loving the journey I started. The main reason of starting my blog was to connect with other people through my platform because I believe we almost share the same experience, have the same struggles and same expectations of this world so through it people would feel that they are not alone.

Advice to new bloggers

Well, this is interesting in light of the fact that I am still new to this and might want to get more guidance on blogging tips as well. Be that as it may, there are about a couple of focuses I might want to impart to the up and coming bloggers

Be yourself

There is nothing more attracting than being authentic, writing your own thoughts the way they come, having your style of tackling ideas. That being said, I don’t mean you don’t pay special mind to what different bloggers are doing but embrace your very own style and compose what puts your spirit on fire. For whatever length of time that you appreciate it, trust me so will your group of readers. Write what fulfills you but keep in mind that what you are composing rouses or inspires another person.

Network, Network

There is such a significant number of beautiful bloggers out there who blog about a wide range of things. These same individuals are simply the ones you have to connect with on the grounds that they are the ones who will assist you with promoting your blog. You have to make associations with them, draw in with them, request counsel and whatever that will enable you to develop as a blogger. Talking for a fact, these months I have been blogging, I was able to associate with great bloggers and I am happy they are helping me through this voyage of blogging. I am having so much fun.

My nominees

Therefore, I would like to nominate my amazing and kind bloggers who have shown me so much love, support and kindness in this new journey of blogging. Thank you so much for your continuous support and love.

  1. Lanesha from The wallflower club
  2. Chloe from Chloechats
  3. Chloe from SimplyChloe
  4. Patsy from Justifiedecstasy
  5. Odhiambo from The dark pen
  6. Ann Mary from Ann Marie Ruby
  7. Rev Rebecca from Beckie writes
  8. Rina from Rina Kay
  9. Rose from Books and Stuff
  10. Reine from African soul goddess
  11. Chloe from Chlxemarie
  12. Taiwo from A lifestyle nerd
  13. June from Njeriwaweru

P.S My apologies if your name is there and you have been nominated already.


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