My stretch marks, my story. Featuring some lovely bloggers

Hi everyone, I hope you are well. So, I have been meaning to write this post for a while now, but I couldn’t find a better way of putting it out. Now I think it is the ideal time. I know we are still in the valentine’s spirit and all but what is Valentine without self-love? You tell me. This is one of those long posts, so make sure you grab your tea and ready to get emotional. So, let’s get started, shall we?

As per the title, you already know what this post is all about. There is a way that society has made us feel like to be beautiful you have to look a certain way or have certain features on your body, mostly for the ladies. Stretch marks have been a concern for the ladies for a long time now and it is somewhat dismal because we don’t discuss them as much as we should. I am expressing this because if you look at the models displayed in the beauty magazines, always stretch marks are altered out to depict the ideal “body” of a model. In as much as some have come out and pointed out the injustice these magazines are doing, this doesn’t stop the fact that we still idealize their perfect “bodies”. I mean who wouldn’t admire a flawless skin? So, what are stretch marks? Their causes?

What are stretchmarks?


According to the dictionary, stretch marks are irregular lines or streaks on the skin where it has been stretched or distended especially due to pregnancy or a sudden gain or loss of weight. They can appear on anyone and there is nothing much you can do to prevent them. Even though there is a misconception that stretch marks appear on a woman’s body only, I would like to point out that even men get them, it is just that it is more common for ladies than it is for men. They can also occur on various parts of the body which include breasts, thighs, stomach, hips, upper arm or lower arm.

Causes of stretchmarks

According to Medical news, Extreme skin growth or shrinkage can cause stretch marks. These may occur during different various phases of life and the most popular cause of stretch marks is pregnancy. However, there are other causes of developing stretch marks which include:

  • Rapid weight gain or rapid weight loss: Putting on a lot of weight in a short space of time can cause stretch marks
  • Pregnancy: In average 50-90% of women who are pregnant can experience stretchmarks after giving birth or during their pregnancy period.
  • Puberty: It is no secret that teenagers also get stretchmarks during puberty. This is mostly because their bodies are experience some sudden changes which are inevitable.

Featuring other bloggers: Their stories

I got the chance to feature some lovely bloggers and asked them some questions. Here were the questions: Do you have stretch marks? If yes, how do you feel about them? If no, what do you think about them in general? I was so overwhelmed by everyone’s story and I hope you enjoy reading them and show some love by visiting their blogs. Below are the answers but as we all know Charity begins at home.

“So, I have had stretch marks since when I was 16 after a sudden weight loss. To be honest I felt like a new person, strange and it really affected my self-confidence to some extent because there are somethings I would not wear or feel comfortable wearing because of them. For those who are close to me know how much I used to complain about them and still do from time to time. Over the years, after trying out so many products on my body and none of them worked, I’ve come to like them because they are part of who I am. They tell my story.” Carrelle

Yes, I do have stretchmarks however I am unapologetic about them and at the same time a bit not proud having them. The reason being I wouldn’t wear a two pieces swimsuit and actually if I come to think of it that’s why I am not enthusiastic about swimming. But you know, we all have scars and not everyone is entitled to see them because it’s our story. I wish people could wear stretch marks with the same pride we attach to tattoos the world would be a better place but it’s not. But in general, they are great and they tell our stories.” Patsy

“Yes, I do have stretch marks, I have them on my hips and mini love handles. To be honest I am proud to have them because I think they are beautiful. For mothers, it shows that they had a wonderful life experience and they birthed life into the world. For people who aren’t mothers the marks show that you’ve been on a journey in the life with spectacular bodily changes and those marks are your battle scars so embrace them.” Shanice

I do have stretchmarks, I used to hate them, they’re mostly on my thighs but I never used to show my legs anyway, I’ve always been so insecure about my legs. It was only last summer that I wore dresses/skirts/shorts without tights for the first time in years! Now I feel totally different about my stretchmarks, I actually think they look pretty cool, like white tattoos perhaps (lol) and my boyfriend says he likes them too which is great! I feel like they add character and they’re definitely nothing to be ashamed/embarrassed about. Chloe

“Personally, stretch marks do not bother me. However, I do have stretch marks around my hips. I think they are a part of me and I have never seen them as something to be proud of, or ashamed of. I think that stretch marks become a problem when people compare consistently. For me, I mostly feel insecure about myself on the basis of comparison.” Jasmine

I’ve had stretch marks ever since I was young. I think from grade 4. I didn’t think much of it. But my mom always assumed I had them because I was sexually active. Mind you I was only 10 by the time. I used to shy away from short clothes because in my mind I thought I was unattractive. I tried all the tissue oils in the world, but nothing has worked for me. Fourteen years down the line I have finally fallen in love with my body. I wear anything and everything and I don’t use that much tissue oil anymore. My stretch marks make me. Reine

“For a period of time, I was actually ashamed of stretch marks that wrap themselves around my bum, boobs and inner thighs (not to mention my tummy). I hated the idea of stripping off in-front of someone so much, so I’d turn the lights off. But my current partner Matthew taught me that they are beautiful, just like my hands because those little red lines now fading to white; show growth and a life well lived. They are also a part of the body that he loves, and I am beginning to love. My stretch marks show me that my body is ever-changing; but they also show me that they don’t define who I am as a person – we all get scars.” Rebecca Ellis

“I don’t have stretch marks. But I strongly believe that people who do shouldn’t be picked on because they have stretch marks.” Lili

“Thing is, I’m starting to accept my stretch marks, I think it’s what makes a woman look rawer and more authentic, because it’s natural, it’s God’s creation, I always try to remember that God made me beautiful and fearfully made. I would like my darker stretch marks on my lower waist to go, but like I said I am accepting them right now. It has made me feel very self-conscious before in the past I won’t lie, it’s made me feel less beautiful especially how on social media there are pictures of women who have all these as society would call it ‘perfect body& skin tone’ when really their bodies may not even be natural and probably they have stretch marks that have been edited out. To conclude, everyone is different, I am wonderful the way I am, and God created me with stretch marks which make me more beautiful like tiger marks, she laughed.” Esther

Yes, I do have stretch marks, how I feel about them? Well I’m slowly starting to love them, I can’t deny it’s been a bit of a journey though most of the times I wish they could go away and my skin could just be all plain and simple but I mean it’s what makes me special. I’ve realized no one’s going to judge me for them as their a part of most people’s lives. I used to absolutely hate having them, but as I’ve grown older and started to love myself, loving them has become a part of it. So, I would say yes I am proud to have my stretch marks.” Chichi

“Yes, I have stretch marks it’s been a pain that I have tried dealing with a lot. I Lacked in confidence until I realized they were not going anywhere I may be healing from thinking that they are ugly and bothersome, but I have friends who don’t. We live in a society where everything has to be standardized yet we all know beauty is in the hands of the holder. If there is one thing I believe is that I am my own culture religion and own beholder therefore first step to overcoming is finding self-love. So, what do I think of stretch marks they are my own story that cannot be told on another woman’s body.” Sharon

“Well, I think stretch marks especially on ladies is nature itself, a sign of beauty, natural beauty. Nothing to be shy about. It’s something they should be proud of. Despite the fact that it comes from being big, you know what I mean. Not obesity per say, but one shouldn’t blame nature. But as a way of keeping fit, to prevent such from happening, one should stay hydrated. Stretch marks fade over time by the way.” The dark pen

You are getting emotional, not me (Lol). I warned you it was gonna be a long post so If you have made it this far, keep scrolling down. Can you really prevent stretch marks? Lets’s find out.

How to prevent stretch marks?

Some stretchmarks just appear because it is genetic, and most members of your family have them. Though there are no guaranteed ways of preventing them of appearing on your body, there are few things you could do to avoid them.

Stay hydrated

I am sure we’ve all heard this sentence like a hundred times in our lives “drink more water or take 2 litres of water per day”. We are all guilty of this me included. It is therefore important to stay hydrated because when you are dehydrated your skin loses its elasticity which increases chances of getting stretch marks.

Manage your weight

I’ve mentioned that rapid weight gain or weight loss causes stretch marks. By managing your weight and exercising regularly, you reduce the chances of getting them.


Despite all the products available on the market that guarantee to expel stretch marks, there is no one product that I have personally tried which was successful. However, stretch marks do fade away with time when you are a bit patient but there is no remedy to make them disappear completly.

They do not do any harm to your body so the only thing you can do when you have stretch marks, own them up and walk like a boss. This will not only boost your confidence, but it will make you feel whole, make YOU.

Do you have stretch marks? What’s your opinion on them? What’s your story? Lets discuss in the comment section.
*Disclaimer* I am no specialist of health or anything of sort however I did my research on this subject which means you are entitled to your own opinion and I would be happy if you could share it with the rest of us in the comment section.


22 thoughts on “My stretch marks, my story. Featuring some lovely bloggers

  1. Lis guigui

    I do have stretch marks, how I feel about them??? Well, to be honest I am comfortable with them😄 bcoz I don’t see any problem of having them and I’ve never complained about them. I remember my mom used to tell us that long time ago many girls from her village used to put on them some insects to get those stretch marks which were a sign of beauty and men were attracted to them, which is funny😁!!!As in how??? Who knows???😊 Maybe even now, and I am sure, there are some men who still think the same way😊!!! So girls, let’s be natural🤗, attractive😉 and beautiful😍😍

    Liked by 1 person

    1. carnyschronicles

      I was hoping you would say this.😀😀
      It always made me laugh. This when you realise times are different and things have changed. But all in all I have started to love them because they are part of me.😊
      Thank you for reading Sis❤🌹


  2. Alice Karenzi

    Ooooooh Carrelle. For me ☺️I really don’t care about my strench marks anymore . booboo😴 I’ve tried million and millions products 😟 now , I gave up 💁🏼‍♀️Well, my outfits always happen to be short dresses or skirts . 💁🏼‍♀️😂 ladies , when you love yourself ,that’s when you’re most BEAUTIFUL .

    Liked by 1 person

    1. carnyschronicles

      I feel you about trying a hundred of products, it used to frustrate me.
      But you are right, self-love is key😊
      Thank you for stopping by Boo🌹❤


    2. Vanessa

      I don’t have stretch marks and was teased (in the UK) because I didn’t have them. Strange. 🧐🤔
      But, when I travelled to Jamaica and asked about stretch marks, they rolled their eyes and said, people do not care about that over here.
      I believe every culture is different and some don’t blink when it comes to certain things.
      I wouldn’t be bothered if I got them as I love my body and life. 😊
      I enjoyed this read, thanks. 😊♥️

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Stretch marks?ooh yeah, I got them!
    I used to worry about them when I first got them as a teenager cause i didn’t really understand why i had them in the first place, so i would always complain about them( it never stopped from wearing short stuff though, haha)till i realised some other girls had them too, but it didn’t stop me from trying all the products i could get to remove them.

    But at this point of my life, having stretch marks isn’t an issue for me, and they wouldn’t stop me from wearing anything at all.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. carnyschronicles

      I like what you said there, as you grow up you find that there are other things that matter than worrying about stretch marks and self-love before anything else is key. Thank you for sharing your story lovely.🌹❤


    1. carnyschronicles

      Exactly my point. The internet is not doing us justice at all but self-love is also something important.
      Thank you for reading Alex😊🌹


  4. Chloe Jane

    I loved reading this!! Such a good post and I very much loved the fact that most people have come to like them now ♥️ thank you so much for letting me feature on your post, we shouldn’t be embarrassed about stretch marks, I think they’re pretty cool!

    Chloe Chats xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. carnyschronicles

      That’s what my mom tells me all the time, they are so cool😊
      Thank you so much Chloe for being part of this, I appreciate the support❤🌹


  5. PaigeSummer

    I have stretchmarks! I used to think they were horrible, but have come to accept that they are natural in growth and you can’t so much to change that! I love that you got so many wonderful women to tell their stories too, it makes other a who may not like them feel more comfortable with their bodies. Great post!!

    Paige x

    Liked by 1 person

    1. carnyschronicles

      As you grow you realise that it’s okay to have them because they are part of you😊
      It was so overwhelming to read their stories as well.
      Thank you so much for reading Paige❤🌹

      Liked by 1 person

  6. This is an amazing post! I can honestly say i think stretch marks are cute. I remember seeing my cousins when i was younger and thought they looked pretty.
    Now that I’m older I still think they’re like… ok.. its’ no big deal and shouldn’t be. It’s something people can’t control and we gotta stop focusing on those kind of things.
    Great post ❤

    Liked by 1 person

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