Five reasons why you need a goal planner/Color my life Review


Color my life goal planner

Hi my beautiful people, how have you been? It has been a mind-boggling one month and a half, a lot has occurred however I am glad to be back. A major thank you to every one of my friends who have been inquiring as to why I no longer blog which shows that my work doesn’t go unnoticed, I am grateful for you. Can you really believe that we are in the second quarter of the year? Time has flown by. All things considered, before we get any further, let me accept this open door to wish to all the resilient ladies out there, Happy Women’s day. May you continue inspiring the world and making it a lovely place.

As stated above, a ton of things has occurred and I am currently working. That being said, I have taken a great deal amid the brief time frame that I have been at work as far as self-improvement and personal finance are concerned, which I will happily impart to you in the future blog posts. Today’s blog will be about a review of Color my life goal planner, you can check them out here. They have such beautiful planners which come in different formats and colors so make sure you check them out. I was so happy when I received the planner and I have been using it for two months now and trust me my life has changed for good. It is amusing how a little change can influence our lives decidedly.

As human beings, we consistently define our goals all the time which may incorporate sleeping early, eating healthy, complying with our time constraints, Changing our routine and so on. What’s more, the beneficial thing about Color my life goal planner is that you can use it for short term goals as well as long terms goals. Without any further ado, lets us begin with the benefits of having one:

It provides a sense of direction

As individuals, we as a whole have that extreme spot we try to reach in our life and this is done through the objectives we set for ourselves. Along these lines, at whatever point you have your goals set for whichever time frame, it gives you a sense of direction towards where you are heading in life.

It gives you motivation

In as much as I trust that motivation originates from inside, having your goals written somewhere, it reminds you the motivation behind why you began and drives you to follow them. For my case, Color my life goal planner has been so great on the grounds that the diverse colors used which make my life look brilliant ad I love it.

It helps you track your progress

The planner encourages me keep tabs on my development in a manner that, at whatever point I achieve one thing from the rundown, I generally paint it using a colorful marker pen to cross out what I have done and this causes me to perceive how far I have gone. Which once more, convey me to the accompanying point; Achievement.

It gives a feeling of accomplishment

I recall when I was in my first year of University, I would attempt do every one of my assignments weeks before the due date and afterward I will happily sit back realizing that I have no pressure a short time later. Something very similar applies to goal setting. When you set out your objectives and accomplish them, it gives you that feeling of achievement which Pushes you to accomplish stunningly better.

It gives a feeling of satisfaction

Satisfaction dependably comes after any Achievement. It empowers you to perceive what you are prepared to do and what you are best at. I mostly use my goal planner for my weekly goals. Along these lines, when the week is over, I generally return to see it, cross out the things I have done, it generally gives me that feeling of fulfillment. Like you see a similar inclination you get in the wake of doing all your laundry,  your skin care routine, it feels the equivalent as well.

Do you use a goal planner? In the event that indeed, how has it helped as far as your goals are concerned?

Kind to share with me in the comment section.

Sending sunshine your way.


3 thoughts on “Five reasons why you need a goal planner/Color my life Review

  1. Naomi (Inching Forwards)

    This planner sounds great! I agree, having goals written down (even just a day-to-day to-do list) is really motivating. I love crossing things off. At the moment, I only do this properly at work, but this month I want to start setting proper goals for my blogging too. Thank you so much for sharing this!! 🙂


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