Do not put all your eggs in one basket


“I want to be a doctor, I want to be the president, I want to be a professor” As kids, these are some answers that we would always give when we were asked about what we wanted to become when we grow up. As individuals we all have dreams of what one wish to become and we find ourselves focusing on one thing that will get us to where we want to be which is ok, but it is safer “to not put all your eggs in one basket”. In finance, it is called investment portfolio, which means that it is wise to diversify your investments across different instruments because no one knows of what the future holds. But I am not going to talk about investment in finance but investing in oneself as part of the individual growth.

Sometimes in our lives, we get confused of which path we want to take; therefore, we settle for what is at our disposal. As individuals with full potential and intelligence we can do so many things at a time. Have I lost anyone? Maybe. What I am trying to say is, find something that puts your soul on fire or learn something new that makes you unique. For instance, if you are an IT student, learn other skills that go with IT, or other things you enjoy doing apart from your course. Furthermore, if you are a law student, learn a new language or some accounting skills that you may develop over time.

With the advancement of technology, Us, Millennials we are so privileged to get to know whatever we wish, what’s trending and what skills are most required in today’s corporate world. Because you can do anything as long you have internet connection and a smart device with you, it is that simple. To be honest, it took me long to understand this but better late than never. The other day, I was talking about how to use our time properly and it is safe to say that young people get things faster than old people because their brains are still fresh. If you haven’t read my previous article, check it out. Let us get busy by focusing on what makes us better rather than focusing on everyone else ‘life.


Diversify your knowledge by discovering what this world has to offer and it is a lot trust me. If you always wanted to know other languages either be it French, Spanish, Chinese, start taking courses online or learn by yourself using YouTube; if you want to become a forex trader start learning what is required to become one, if you enjoy reading books, just read them, if you enjoy coding just learn how to code. At first, it might be challenging and sometimes frustrating when you are learning something new, however as you continue to familiarize with the new skills, you will get there. No one started being an expert, they all learnt.  Just learn whatever that you were always curious about, something different from what you are doing. As I have said earlier, it is wise to invest your knowledge in different aspects of life.


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