Blogmas Week 1: Planning

I have been a bit busy trying to finish up my research project. That is why I have taken a little break from blogging but hey, it was only for a week. Guess what? Your girl has finished school and, in a few months to come, will be graduating from Strathmore University Business School. As I am typing this, I am so excited and happy because it has been a long and challenging journey and I am so excited to see what life after college has in store for me.

 So, in case you are wondering what next now that you are done with school? Well, Let’s not think about it a lot, but I definitely have some plans for next year. For now, I am going back home to Burundi for the holidays. I school in Kenya. If you haven’t read my story yet, make sure you check it out It has been a year already that I haven’t been home, and you can imagine how excited I am to go back and catch up with family, friends and my bed of course.

Blogmas Week 1

So, it is that time of the year again where it is all about feasting and where you get to see all these beautiful symbolic decorations.  Like most people, Christmas is my favourite holiday season. Not only because it is the most beautiful period of the year, but also it is a moment of enjoying and sharing with your loved ones. Since we are already in the Christmas spirit and are all excited about this season, I decided to do a Blogmas series on my blog. This one will be a bit different because I won’t be blogging every day but rather will be posting twice a week to try to be more consistent. I am still new to this whole thing,so don’t judge me. Okaaay? Thanks

So, for this first post I decided to share with you some of the things you need to plan for this coming holiday.

Have a to do list for this whole month.

If you are someone who likes planning for everything like me, then you need to have a list of the things you are planning to do for this holiday. This means you need to plan ahead when your will be doing your shopping, or when you will be travelling for your holiday destination so as to avoid last minute preparations. It frustrates me when I don’t have everythingin control and I hate it.

Have a to do list

Set out your budget.

So, you have planned for when you want to go for shopping, so what next? You definitely need to know how much money you want to spend on your gifts, on your travelling expenses if you are travelling somewhere.

Have a christmas gift guide

For the purpose of planning again, you need to have a list of the people you want to gift and what you are gifting them. My friend Reine wrote a whole series on the gift guide, so feel free to get some ideas on

Share something with the less fortunate

Again, Christmas is all about sharing. In your busy schedule, plan to share the little you have with the less fortunate. This is a tradition we usually do in my family every Christmas holiday where we identify a group of people who are in need and share something small with them. It does not have to be so many people, they can also be two or even one, God will thankyou for that.

Plan some free time to catch up with friends

There is nothing more fun than sharing some few drinks or quality time with your friends during this period. Where you get to talk, tease each other on the new year resolutions and plans. It brings back that sense of friendship alive and makes it more beautiful.

I would like to know what are some of your plans for this holiday season. Kindly share with me in the comments section.

Have a productive week ahead.


19 thoughts on “Blogmas Week 1: Planning

    1. theaestheticsvida

      Aww Merci beaucoup copine. There is a part you played on this and I truly appreciate it. Thank you for stopping by girlfriend. bzu bzu


  1. Tbh.. This Christmas will be about me.. I want to buy me a new me new earphones .. I want to tone me back to a fine boy. . I want to enjoy the beach as me.. I want to drink a whole captain Morgan as me….. And lastly thank me for being a good person in 2018

    Liked by 1 person

    1. theaestheticsvida

      Well well you tried and may 2019 be even better lol. This list is a long one man, but It is allowed so do you. Thank you Chomba for stopping by.


  2. Lanesha Gerron

    I’m so proud of youuuu omg that’s amazing congratulations on graduating and the opportunities you have ahead of you are endless!! Very helpful tips on the holidays I will be spending time with my mom this holiday usually I spend time with my BF family but this year I will be with mine.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. theaestheticsvida

      I am so excited OMG. Thank you so much Lanesha. Oooh that’s great, enjoy your time with your Mom and pass my greetings to her.


  3. Kevo corazón

    Croire en ses rêves. Développer ses talents et ses connaissances. Se surpasser. Tu as accompli tout cela en réussissant tes études ! Bravo pour ton diplôme. quant à mes vacances, je serai avec un de mes amis d’enfance. Bonne vacance à toi

    Liked by 1 person

    1. theaestheticsvida

      Merci beaucoup Kevin, en tout cas c’est encore un pas en avant et j’en suis fière. Profites en avec ton ami et bonnes vacances à toi aussi😊


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