2018 Life lessons

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What a year it has been! I can’t believe 2018 has arrived at an end. I recall towards the beginning of this year I had so many plans for my life and I just came to understand that, you know that nothing is permanent, and that is okay. This year has been the most unpredictable of all the years of my life but maybe it is because it is the same year that I got to open my eyes and see things in a different way. As 2019 draws near, I thought I would write some life lessons that I have learnt this year.

But before we dive deep into the lessons, I would like to highlight some of the things that I have accomplished this year that I am proud of:

– I completed my degree at Strathmore University

– I met some amazing people

– I started my own blog which I am so glad I did

– Improved my self-awareness

– Created some new friendships

– Strengthen my relationship with God and my family

Along these lines, onto the lessons, here are a few:

Believe in yourself

If you don’t, who will? This got to be my first one on the list because it is the reason why I am here today, the person I have become, me putting myself out there, blogging, I have done all this because I believe in myself. I would write a whole 2 pages about this but let me save it for another post.

Take risks

Sometimes you got to get out of your comfort zone and throw yourself out there to see what the other side of the room has to offer and then you might be surprised at the outcome. Allow yourself to be a beginner even if that means not knowing exactly what you are doing but along the way, you will get to figure out how everything is done. No one started off being an expert, so Just Begin.

Save up the little you get

Save, save and save. I know it sounds weird because you tell yourself, YOLO I know hahaha. But little is more when it is compounded and as time goes by you find that the little has become more and like they say the future isn’t promised to anyone.

Learn something new whenever you get the chance to

I had to learn this the hard way though I wish it could have been just simple. We are blessed so much with all the resources available online that one can use to better her/himself. You can learn a new language, read a book, improve your grammar, learn to code, or even learn more about yourself as an individual online in a few hours or minutes. Use the internet

Remember that nothing is permanent

It is a bit hard, but you have to realize that people come and go, things change, the only constant here is change. Along these lines, embrace change and go with the flow.

Do not take people or things for granted

Cherish the people and the things you have in your life and be thankful for them because there are others out there who wish they had half of what you have.

Be grateful

Every day is a new day and every day has its ups and downs. Be grateful for the life you have, the people who are in your life and the things you have because again nothing is granted.

Celebrate every milestone in your life

I have learnt how to celebrate every step of life. Whether it be small or big, it is worth celebrating. Whether it be meeting that deadline at work, doing that Powerpoint presentation in your class, starting a blog or getting a new job, celebrate all that. It gives you a sense of achievement and pushes you to do more.

Check up on your friends

This year has got to be the most emotional, where I witnessed so many people taking their lives just like that. The sad truth is everyone is battling with their own demons that no one knows about so it is better you get to know how your friends are doing, just a simple hello, hope you are fine is enough. I am not the best when it comes to checking up on my friends, but I have learnt about it and I am working to be the friend that I wish my friends to be.

Self-love is important

You are beautiful, you are worth it, you are enough, you are loved, do not let anyone tell you otherwise or this world tell you that you have to specific features to be called pretty or so. You are Unique on your own way and own that. This also goes a long way with being selfish about yourself (spoil yourself, try out some new things, explore the world and be happy).

Do not take it personally

I have learnt that the way someone treats others says a lot about that person. So, when people reflect their insecurities onto you, don’t take it to heart, it is not about you rather it is about them. What you do is show them the way and let them pass. Most importantly, Move on

Forgive them and yourself

Forgive the people who have hurt you for your peace of mind and move on peacefully. Importantly, forgive yourself for trusting them and believing in them. This year, I learnt to let go of what is gone and welcome what is yet to come, because trust me what is coming is better than what is gone.

Be kind and welcome everyone with a humble heart

No act of kindness, no matter how small it is, is ever wasted. Be kind to everyone you meet, everyone you talk to. If there is anything you can do to help them out, do it. Though not everyone will acknowledge this, just do what you have to do because, at the end of the day, it is between you and God.

Finally, Smile


What are some of the lessons you learnt in the course of 2018? Lets discuss in the comments section.

Sending sunshine your way,


14 thoughts on “2018 Life lessons

  1. Olivier Mwamimwiza

    I really like the way you have tackled the topic. If only everyone should think about that exercise of taking time every end of the year and analyse his/her progress. This should not only help to correct and identify mistakes but also help someone to self analyse his/her personal development.
    As you said we shouldn’t take this life as a grant. Every day should be taken as an opportunity, every success should be a celebration and every failure a lesson.
    Thank you dude

    Liked by 1 person

    1. theaestheticsvida

      This is powerful every day should be taken as an opportunity, exactly my point👌👌 Thank you Oli for taking your time to read😊 I appreciate it


    1. theaestheticsvida

      Thank you so much Beckie, I appreciate your continuous support🌹 May you have a wonderful Christmas with your loved ones❤🌹 Stay blessed🙏


  2. Lanesha Gerron

    Ahhhhh! Omg you are absolutely stunning my darling!!! I am so glad that you are growing and learning and becoming a better you!!! Keep it up 2019 has a lot in store for you!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Geraldine

    This was great, congratulations on starting your blog and graduating from uni!! We’re both similar in those ways 🙂 It definitely took a lot of courage to start the blog. Planning more big things this year that will require more stepping outside of my comfort zone! Happy New Year, and lovely picture! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. theaestheticsvida

      Aww thank you so much Geraldine for stopping by, it definitely does but I am glad we did throw ourselves out there😊 All the best and Happy new year too.❤🌹


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