2019 goals

New year, new blog name and design, who’s this? Happy new year 2019 my lovely people. May it be a year full of blessings, living aesthetically and great achievements to all of us. It’s been a minute since I last posted but I am glad to be back. A short break to reflect and think on the way forward for my blog was needed.

It is that time of the year again, with our “New year, new resolutions” and I am no exception to this philosophy but instead I decided to call them goals rather than resolutions. I am so excited for this year because guess what, 2019 can be anything you want it to be. Set out your goals carefully and go after them.

2019 goals So without further ado, let’s get started with the goals. Blogging goals
  • New name and new design:  As you might have noticed, I have changed my blog to Carny’s chronicles as I thought that The aesthetics vida was a bit limiting me in what to share with you all. Don’t worry, the moto still stands “living aesthetically in whatever we do”. Carny’s chronicles is a lifestyle blog which will be focusing on different topics such as health, wellness, fitness, hair, finance tips and some personal stories. For this, I hope to inspire you all to live aesthetically. I am usually not Tech-savvy, but I love exploring new designsand new things. To be honest I was not happy with the previous design. This is why I came up with a new one. Although I am still aiming for something better which will be done in the course of this year, I am quite happy with the new one. So watch out for something better.
  • Quality content; Always quality over quantity. The same reason you would prefer to read something which is well written, has good images, informative content is the same reason this year I am focusing on quality content. So, instead of looking at numbers and followers, this year I have decided to focus on putting out better content only that will inspire you and help you live aesthetically.
  • Informative content: I always like to think that content creators are all about creating informative content to inspire and help others out there and I am no exception to this. I will be prouder if people are reading something that I took my time to research on, which they can relate to and be beneficial for them. Because again, why would you be reading my blog?
  • Consistency: Consistency is something that I struggle the most with but this year I am challenging myself to be progressively steady. That being said, I will be posting twice a week (Wednesdays and Saturdays) so make sure you subscribe to my blog and get notified every time I post.
  • Go self-hosted and buy a domain: Finally, I would like to go self-hosted and get a domain which hopefully will be done in the course of this year. It is something worth investing in and if you would like to donate and support me in achieving this goal, I would appreciate.
Personal goals
  • Be intentional: It is always nice to have good intentions towards everything. I want to be intentional in whatever that I will undertake this year. As we like to say, the good attracts the good.
  • Keep fit: Keeping fit has always been on my new year’s goals and to be honest I manage this most of the time and I am so proud of myself. This may involve eating healthy, drinking more water, having enough sleep, taking care of my mental health, exercising and being kind to myself. Not necessarily aiming to lose weight but to be fit and healthy.
  • Personal finance: I always preach about saving and being mindful on how we spend our money. Ironically, I still struggle with my personal finance but my goal this year is to know how to manage my finances properly. The first step is to identify the problem, what follows is an action plan which I am ready to take up.
  • Read more books: My taste might be different, but I love reading books because it improves my sense of imagination. However, I am a bit sad because I couldn’t read more books last year than I had anticipated but I am ready to make up for it this year. I like to remind myself that reading has a lot of benefits, from improving my writing skills to reducing stress. I am currently reading “Becoming” by Michelle Obama. If you have recommendations on the books to read this year please share them with me, I would appreciate.
  • Do more hikes: This is a hobby I started last year and Omg I love it (thanks to Bettina and Natacha) and I am looking forward to doing more of these with my Wakanda team. Not only do you meet awesome people and create connections, but also have so much fun. For my readers who are in Kenya (Nairobi precisely), if you want to be part of this, hit me up or get in touch through the contact form, I promise it is more fun and healthier.
photo-nic-co-uk-nic-150150-unsplash(1) Happy new year once more and let’s make our dreams come true in 2019. What are some of your new year goals? Let’s discuss in the comment section. Sending sunshine your way, Carny’s Chronicles.

7 thoughts on “2019 goals

    1. carnyschronicles

      It’s all good as long as you are happy with the process, no pressure😊. For me, I have them written down so it gets easy for me to keep up. Happy new year🎉🎉

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